Clandestine Snatchers

When I started this for Illustration Friday, I intended it to be a typical changeling scene, goblins lying in wait to switch their glamoured creature for the baby. Instead it turned out a bit darker, a weird collage of various folk baby-snatchers.
I liked this enough to “finish” it and submit it, but not quite enough to actually go to the trouble of inking it. Maybe after a few more sketches it would have reached that point, but I think the flat effect I’m getting with Photoshop is more what I wanted than anything I would have managed from inking anyway. At some point, I really need to start using these excersizes to get portfolio pieces. Maybe when we’re a bit more removed from the holidays.

Anyway, finished or not, comments and critiques are, as always welcome. Enjoy.

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Finished or not, I think the purpose is to do something creative. I feel the same way! Any how, here’s to a new year of creating!

Cheers to that!

I really love the background and the creepy quality that it has.

Thanks Bean, that’s what I was going for.

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