Cop-out post? Perhaps. Here are some photos from the day, plus a drawing I did of the girls.
Their dog, Mogal, agreed with the adults about the early time. This by the way, is the hero dog who chased a coyote away from one of the girls a few years ago. GOOD dog.
Our younger niece has the tendency to get caught up in playing before she finishes unwrapping gifts. Or even starting, really. Note the window very much lacking in sun.
A pretty ornament sent from Matt and Jen’s brother in Jordan.
The girls playing with one of their new toys with grandma. (my mother-in-law)
The girls decided I should be decorated with their leftover bows. I helped a little.
Finished drawing this today, a compilation of the younger niece opening a gift and the older jamming on her new Hanna Montana guitar. They’re far cuter than this in reality.

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Oh wow you’re a great artist. I draw anime style, but I kinda suck…It’s been years since I picked up a pencil to draw.

Thanks Jenny. Don’t be afraid to start drawing again… drawing skills have more to do with practice than innate ability.

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