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Wild Wedding – Part 1

We got married at the zoo in the Cat House. I had a blue dress, henna, and flowers made of metal.
Matt and I got married this October, but we only just got around to meeting up with the Photographer, Willow Rosen, (I’ll post a link to her site when I get it) last weekend. I’m not going to post all the photos here, just my favorites, and I’m going to post them a bit at a time so my post doesn’t end up taking a cyber mile.
These are the formal, posed photos. Groom-al party left to right: Greyson (best man), Matt, Francis, Jack, and Brian (my brother).
We got married October 18th, which happened to also be one of the weekends of BOO at the zoo. Traffic was kind of a nightmare. The guys all managed to get there with plenty of time to spare, but we girls cut it a little closer. Because of this, the guys had a bit more time to have fun with photos.
Obviously. We did all the “official” photos BEFORE the ceremony, with the delusional idea that we wouldn’t keep our guests waiting that way. I think we meant to take a few more shots with just the girls, but then we forgot and decided to just get married already. Fortunately these turned out really nice.
Bridal party left to right: Kim, another Kim, Jen (Matt’s sister) and Amy (best woman… or something like that). Oh yeah, and me. Then below, Matt looking dapper, and wondering where the heck the girls are:
Then on to the group shots. We started outside and Willow caught us laughing at something. We were trying to get a photo that had the snow leopard in the background, but it moved too quickly, and by the time we arranged ourselves it was gone.
On the 3 full group shots, you can click for a larger image. I only included this photo because I think it makes us all look like actors on some new TV show (it’s the dramatic brick wall). My brother said I could only use his image if I paid him for it, so I altered it by 3% as per trademark law, so I wouldn’t have to.
Then there’s this one, a really cool photo of the inside of the zoo, I think that’s the Gorilla area behind us.
And finally my favorite posed photo of just Matt and I.
A lot of the candid shots turned out better than the posed ones, but I’m glad I have these, as formal photos go I think they’re very nice. Some of these will definitely be going in frames. Tomorrow I’m hoping to continue with some of the photos of pre-wedding preparation, including that application of the henna, but that depends on whether I can get the photos in time!

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  • Wow, she got awesome pictures! None of mine inside turned out very well at all–the lighting was so weird. But Willow really nailed it… lovely. :)

    By the way, in that group pic where we’re all laughing… I can’t help but think that Jack must have been doing something funny by the way his arm is extended there! (And because it’s Jack, and he does funny things! lol.)

    Very possibly. Yeah, my dad didn’t get any good pics either, so I’m really glad Willows turned out so well. Morgan (Matt’s brother in law) and Matt’s Uncle Scott and Aunt Vanessa actually got a ton of good ones too, and I’ll be posting some of those later this week.

    Thanks Tab. :)

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