Eugene Saturday Market

Day 4 of thesis cramming. Here are some photos from the Eugene Saturday Market, taken on the same trip home as the Bend photos.
The best part of the Saturday Market is the colors. Eugene is largely made up of retired hippies, so the Saturday Market is always a trip. One of the scenes in my book takes place here. I’m glad I got such a good variety of photos.
This photo technically didn’t turn out all that well. Too washed out with light, and it can’t be edited out (at least not by me) without looking very strange. I had to include it though, because I love both the hair and the depth of the composition, with a central figure so close in the foreground.
I was really tempted to buy a hula hoop, mainly because everyone seemed to be having a whole lot of fun with them. There’s an open area where people were sitting, dancing, and, yeah. Hooping.
I like how the spoons provide a screen.
I wish there weren’t crease marks on the blanket, but otherwise I’m pleased with this photo. I love that the woman on the left seems to be an extension of her creations.
Normally I try to blur out the faces of children in my photos, but this photo may be one of my all time favorites, mainly because of the little girl’s face. I feel like this is sort of ok since I actually have no idea who she is, but I realize that doesn’t actually make any kind of sense.
Again, love the hair, but also the hanging cranes just give the whole photo a really cool feel. Also, I’m a fan of the clever method of display.
The market has a main stage, but there were also random musicians roaming all over the place. I think it’s a shame that the guy on the right is wearing a T-shirt, the other guy fits the scene far better.
The tone of this woman’s skin mixes beautifully with her knitted dolls. I also really like the expression on her face and the way she’s looking off to the side.
I like the screen effect here again, but I mostly just think this is a great collection of funky, very Eugene, jewelry.
Such cool ornaments. Like the blue squid on the left especially.

Click on the photos for a larger version. More tomorrow.

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