27 Jan 2009, 7:28pm
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Pretty Pictures

Still have my head stuffed in the middle of a manuscript, plus a few other necessary errands today, so, as I explained yesterday, photos! Since nobody voted in comments I will now bore you with pictures of my cats.

Ok, I’m kidding, here are some Scotland photos from a couple trips I took with Matt. I’m pretty sure they’re all pictures I took, but it’s hard to be sure since they all got kind of muddled and it’s been a while. These pictures are from my older, Sony camera.
This is Edinburgh. Some people have told me that they like Glasgow better because Edinburgh is so touristy, but I don’t agree. I think it’s a beautiful city.
I can’t imagine living in an area where buildings are this dense, but my artistic sense wishes all cities looked like this.
Edinburgh Castle from the bottom of the hill it’s built into.
There’s a graveyard near the bottom of Edinburgh Castle. I just though it was beautiful and serene looking, and exactly what a graveyard ought to look like, so I took a picture. I think I meant this graveyard photo to be for reference, but I think it’s rather nice to look at on its own.
This ought to have been ugly, but there’s something beautiful (I thought) about the mixture of the old building, the vibrant nature, and the grid of reconstruction.

Up top at Edinburgh Castle with a funny angle. These photos make me want to draw funky buildings. Maybe when I have a bit more time.
Cannon view is obviously necessary. I know these aren’t active, but I think it would give me the shivers to know there was a cannon aimed at me anyhow.
A train station somewhere in Scotland, I don’t remember where. I just thought it was a cool industrial image. This is from my first visit to Scotland, I think the previous ones are all from the more recent visit.
Also from the first visit, this is my favorite photo from Scotland. Unfortunately it was pretty low-res because I forgot to reset my camera. We got to go on a balloon ride, and that’s actually the shadow from my balloon.

Click on an image for a larger version. Tomorrow more photos of whatever strikes me as a good idea.

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