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I don’t post on Sugar Frosted Goodness nearly often enough, but this week’s theme (and last) was “New Work” and I realized I DID actually have some things that might sort of qualify. In fact, I realized that my favorite portfolio piece (which does not yet appear in my online portfolio because I have not yet gotten around to updating it) has never been online.

As I was working on putting together all the odds and ends of graduation this spring, the Editor of the Vindicator asked me to do an illustration for an inhouse ad. She left it pretty open, but asked for something that illustrated diversity and interconnectivity. This is what I came up with:

They ended up flipping the image for the ad. I’m not sure why I decided to center the image around knitting, but I liked the idea of having all the cables work as yarn, and, you know, the craft movement is HUGE right now, so it kind of works. For any geeks out there, take note of the OLPC. 🙂

This is sort of the direction my style has been tilting lately, with the interplay of color and lots of white space. It’s far more contemporary than the stuff I did in college, but still lets me focus on my technical strengths (I think). That’s not to say I’m not doing any more black and white, but I’m trying to incorporate a similar feel in my new ink work. Anyway, comments and criticism welcome. Sometime soon I really will redo my website, and there should be a couple new things in there.

Close up:

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Good to see you have a posting or two… I had liked some stuff you posted before and then I dropped off checking. When I came back was not anything posting in awhile. Anyway, I really do like the artwork in this post.
.-= Ray´s last blog ..Puppy Love =-.

Thanks Ray. Yeah, I was slacking off for a bit, but I’m trying to post once a week or so now.

I love the composition and the colors are terrific. Definitely my favorite of your works that I have seen. It is fun for a scientist to see art evolving! Thanks!

Thanks Alice!

I totally love this piece…The line work looks amazing. (^_^)
.-= Amalia K´s last blog ..IF – Entangled =-.

Really wonderful illustration..I like the composition a lot..great use of white space. I’m happy to have not missed your IF link. Yay!

Very much love the face and features of the black boy in the blue tea-shirt… Unique perspective of each figure. The whole work is powerful, alive with movement and engaged focus. Tangled yarn – weaving and disentangling…

Thanks All!

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