20 Nov 2009, 3:52pm


Travel Prep

Speaking of mobile blogging, posts are going to be a bit sporadic until the end of the year. Matt and I just got back from Pittsburgh, and over the next several weeks we’ll be more scattered. Matt’s got a trip to Malta coming up, and I’ve got trips to Cincinnati and Eugene (Oregon).

blog_ornamentThe holidays are always hectic, and even though Thanksgiving is less than a week away, I’m not quite mentally there. Last year I did holidailies during December, and it was a lot of fun, but I’ve decided not to do it this year. I met some cool bloggers through it, but I can do that just as easily by visiting the site without contributing. Forcing myself to put out a post each day spread the quality a bit thin, and maybe more importantly, made me not want to blog for quite a while after, which sort of defeats the purpose of frequent posting.

I did hope to get my webcomic up and running (yes! I really have one… sort of) by December, but now that December is looming surprisingly close, that’s seeming less likely. I’m aiming for the beginning of the year instead, since that seems like a good starting point anyway.

2962762666_93a2027078And as long as we’re talking about signing up for more things than I’m really prepared to do, I’ve started writing for Technorati and Blogcritics. I thought I’d write two or three times a week, and then I thought maybe just once a week, and then I CAME TO MY SENSES and decided I’d write for them whenever I got a blog idea that fit better on one of those two sites than my own. I’m hoping to start doing book reviews for Blogcritics which I may or may not repost here depending on my whims at the time. Anyway, most posts so far have just been review-y media style articles (and a republished piece from this blog for blogcritics) but I did a satirical review of Tweetie and TweetDeck that you might enjoy if you use or understand twitter. If you aren’t familiar with twitter, it probably won’t make as much sense, but the tone might be entertaining anyway. Check it out, and if you hate it, you can throw virtual tomatoes at me on Facebook, which I won’t accept, because what

I haven’t forgotten about my novel or my other priorities. My novel is currently with readers, once I hear back from them I’ll start looking for publishing opportunities, with any luck in January. I’m also still plugging away at the overall website design, trying to get my portfolio updated so I can start sending out feelers for illustration work without hanging my head in shame for showing nothing but 5-year-old work (that’s art that’s 5 years old, not art by a 5-year-old). Wish me luck and energy.gallery*Tomato photo by The Ewan. Other images by me.

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  • This blog’s buzzing – abundance of ideas, commitments and projects. Thanksgiving best wishes – and energies to fuel the creativity. (Your right though in that talents get spread thin when the spark becomes pressure).

    Discovered this website through your writing in Blogcritics. A serendipitous discovery; of the writing, artwork, sense of fun, colour, and sheer creativity in this corner of the web.

    Jenna- Thank you so much, and welcome!

    very pretty ornament.
    i have said it before and will say it again; love your header!

    I am *very* excited about you having a web comic! Your art is fantastic and I am guessing that your content will only make it more awesome in comic form… hooray for that!

    Ascender – Thanks!

    Holly – Thank you. :) Haven’t hit my goal “launch” date which was the first of the year, but I’m still hoping to get the comic up by the end of the month… maybe. I want to get a handful of the comics finished before I start posting them so I’ll have a head start… I figure that way I’ll be more likely to keep to a posting schedule…



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