8 Nov 2009, 4:59pm

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My day in photos:

I brought my friend Kim a sampling of my favorite breakfast teas.

I enjoyed playing with her kitten for a while…

Then headed to the pet store to get cat food for MY cats.

I saw some ferrets that looked dead, but I promise, they were still breathing.

Actually, I know you don’t care. My being stuck in traffic is of no interest to anyone unless it provides useful information, say about a badly designed intersection. I am writing this from my cell phone, to illustrate a point.

It seems like every form of new media has gone through a phase of self absorbtion, where the primary thing it was used for was self description, rather than self expression. In its infancy, the web was made up of government pages and countless personal websites saying “this is who I am!” Twitter has been accused of being a format that encourages drivel, “at the store,” “in the can,” and while there is still some of that around, it is now finding a unique niche for microblogging in the communication age. I don’t Twitter that I’m having dinner, but I might send out a twitpic of a beautifully presented plate or a restaraunt’s funky lights.

Mobile blogging could emerge as “this is what I’m doing now, how bout now?” The inane use however does not mean that mobile blogging doesn’t have real uses, like quick thoughts about a craft or cooking project at a friend’s house or photos on the scene of a breaking event.

I use mobile blogging when I’m travling too far or often to sit down and write a real post. News bloggers can use mobile blogging to give more instantaneous reports than a computer allows, because even a laptop requires setup and space to think. Meanwhile the mobile journalist has the room for more in depth reactions then you’ll find in 140 characters.

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