Octopus’s Garden

Here’s some art:

I started this piece several months ago. Somewhere along the line I went mad with power and blacked in way too much, and once I realized it, I sort of stopped liking it. I’ve been trying to use more contrast of both black vs white and texture vs space, but I think this one would have been better sticking to the texture play. Now it’s a bit too heavy, but it’s still technically worth showing I suppose, so here you are.

I could probably help the balance of this piece by putting a bit more black in the white areas of the top right quarter, but for the moment I’m sick of looking at it, so I’m calling it done.

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  • I think your art very much suits the Artist Blog Hop as you are an artist! lol. I love your work.

    Thanks Kelly!

    Mayhaps “wisps from lower right blob ..towards the left then veer upper right ..light touch ..thinner than the left side ..

    can you black the stray whites in the lower right then add lilly pads?
    more than one ..two ..yes two .. maybe pixelate the lilly pads. no frogs ..dragon fly perhaps

    This is fantastic. Not sure if it could be ‘improved’ as I’m one of those mixed-media types :)

    I’ve found you through the blog-hop, and I’m enjoying discovering all the different art styles.

    Too cute seashell lollies! Delightful work!

    Your art is very beautiful!
    So..natural! really I liked it

    My congratulations Meagan! %D

    Kisses from Brazil!
    Allan´s last blog post ..Desenho Adolescente 1996-2000 e alguma coisa

    29 Nov 2010, 3:20am
    by natalia

    hey meghan,
    i stumbled upon this through your facebook. i think this drawing is really amazing, and i LOVE how dark you made the water. no need to hate it 😉
    maybe, like you said, if you put a little bit more black in the top right corner, it would balance it out more. but honestly, i think it’s brilliant.

    You are awesome.

    I love the Beatles, and think this is an amazing rendering- the black is a good effect.



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