Crawling Lessons

Ender’s first Christmas was fantastic.

He (like most babies I imagine) was far more interested in the wrapping paper, boxes, and the excitement around him than in his gifts.

It was a task to keep him from eating the wrapping paper.

He loves people though, so I think having a chance to visit family was the best part.

His cousins, aunt and grandma all loved having him there and he ate up the attention. Our younger niece helped him unwrap his presents.

Our nieces, especially the older one, tried to teach him to crawl.

Not quite sure… I think he might need some more examples.

Your arms go like this, and your legs go like… what?

He’s still not quite there yet, but he was definitely watching.

Our older niece played Peek-a-boo every chance she got. Ender got so much attention last weekend I think he’s bored with just me and his Dad now.

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