21 Dec 2011, 8:44pm
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Just Add Glitter

I finally gave up on the peanut butter jars and just bought some water bottles. Initially I was planning to use “Smart Water” bottles, because they have smooth, unbeveled plastic that is just slightly thicker than most water bottles, but the smaller size had a “sport” top which I didn’t want to deal with, and the bigger size was a little ridiculous.

So I ended up going with Fuji water… figuring the thicker plastic balanced the fact that they were square rather than round, so wouldn’t roll.

I had to restock on glitter, so I figured I may as well do two different bottles. I did one bottle all in white glitter, with white sequins and white glass beads, and some silver snowflakes- a snow bottle. The other bottle I was hoping to make more colorful than I did before – some of the leftover red, plus green and gold and a bunch of the white. I used about three parts white per one part of the other colors, so I thought it would be bits of color amid white, but I miscalculated, and looking at the bottle, you can’t even tell there’s white in there. I also put little gold bells in and multicolored sequins, but I can’t see a single bell floating in there, so I’m not sure what happened. Inter-dimensional portal maybe, or I suppose it could be that there just weren’t enough bells. I’m not thrilled with the result, but my friend Kim oohed over it and called it festive (while she was not especially impressed over the white bottle, which I think turned out better) so maybe it looks all right even though it didn’t match my expectations.

One plus, I did my trick with the glue inside the cap, and with such a small hole (and no leaks this time) it actually worked. I’m sure an air bubble will develop eventually, because the glitter and sequins seem to trap some air no matter how much you stir, but for now I can’t see any.

So Ender gets two glitter bottles, and even though he can’t roll them, I think he’ll probably find them interesting to watch for small bits of time. Of the two red jars, one has a leak and the other seems to be pretty much sealed, but since I’m not sure about letting Ender mouth the dried glue, I’ll probably just keep that one on my desk.

It’s nice to have one project finished, but I’m having mini panic attacks whenever I think of how much I need to finish before the weekend. I think I’m actually on schedule, but that assumes I’ve accurately estimated how much time the rest will take, and of course, that I don’t run into any more speed bumps, leaks or air bubbles.

Which is assuming quite a lot.

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