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I got an email from a company called KidsBlanks about a month ago asking me to do a review and giveaway of some of their products. This was actually kind of perfect, with ShmooCon coming up, I wanted to make Ender a “My First Shmoo” shirt with a little Shmoo dude. We’ve since decided not to go, so I won’t be making it, but I’ve got a few other things in mind.

They sent me three onesies and a receiving blanket. The onesies are black, dark blue and patterned black/white. The blanket is brown. Everything is from the Laughing Giraffe line.

All are 100% cotton which made me happy. Check the site though if that’s what you prefer, not everything is. The shirts that were intended for heat transfer seemed to mostly be cotton-poly blends, so I’m guessing there’s some trick to heat transfer that works better with polyester. I haven’t done any, so I’m not sure. The color is even and strong, and the pattern – some kind of silk screen – doesn’t seem like it will break down quickly, though only time will tell. When I first opened the package the fabric felt a bit plastic-y, but after one wash it feels just fine, soft with a smooth texture. The thickness of the fabric is satisfying, and not cheap feeling.

In terms of sizing, I asked for 12-18 month sizes, and they seem to be about right. They fit Ender in the body ok right now (he’s a big boy) with plenty of room in the head. This seems to be about in line with his other onesie sizes… they may be a tiny bit shorter in length, but it’s hard to tell for sure because 1) Ender grows so fast and 2) baby clothes sizes are all over the place.

One criticism I have of the website is that prices are not clearly displayed anywhere. Now, KidsBlanks is a wholesaler, so maybe there’s a good reason for this, maybe the prices fluctuate so showing a price isn’t really possible, but as a buyer, I will say that when I go to a website without obviously stated prices, I’m not going to bother. In this case, all you have to do to get a pricelist is register.

I haven’t done anything with the onesies yet (aside from dress Ender in them) and am not considering how well they print/paint/bleach/ etc. as part of the review both because I may not get around to crafting as soon as I’d like, and because it doesn’t seem fair to base a review of a product on how well something turns out if I’ve never tried it before with any comparable product.

I already know what I’m doing with the black onesie and the blue onesie, but I’m still chewing on some ideas for the brown blanket, and I’m a stumped on the black and white damask print onesie. Matt suggested painting flames on the front and I was thinking maybe a red circular Chinese dragon. I’m not really sold on anything though.

So! For the giveaway. KidsBlanks is giving the winner $25 worth of products with LG (Laughing Giraffe) or CS (tutus) labels. They say that because their products are wholesale, this is equivalent to $50. I can’t vouch for that part since I don’t know what anything costs, but the products I received are good quality, and I would use them again.

To enter:

Leave a comment with your suggestion, advice or smart-ass remark about what I should do with the damask print onesie. I will pick the comment that makes me happiest. Giveaway ends midnight New Years Day along with 2011.

KidsBlanks by Zoey

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Stare at it until you can see the Magic Eye picture (I swear it’s there, and I can’t believe they would put that on a onesie).

Stephen Mather

Reminds me of custom geek-wear for my nuggin (less on the hacker side, more on the db/GIS geek side):

See if you can mod it a little bit to get it to include a Shmoocon barcode. You may not be going but if you send the onesie in might win you a prize anyway.

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