Holiday Ends

Today is (I think) the last day of Holidailies, which is a bit of a relief. I’m planning to take a short break here, a week while I’m in Oregon visiting my parents and another week to recover from flying all over the country. Then I’m hoping to be back here posting once a week, maybe more on occasion, but I don’t want to aim for more for fear I won’t do any.

I managed a post for every day of holidailies, even if it wasn’t posted every day (I think I missed one day, but started a day early, so it evened out) which totals 32 days (including this one) in a row of blog posts. I realize this isn’t an enormous accomplishment, but it’s what I set out to do, so I’m happy to have finished it. I’ve also managed to get some (thought by no means all) of the holiday things done that I needed to do, so it’s not as though everything dropped to the side so I could get the blogging done, something I’ve been known to fall into in the past. A few things dropped to the side, but I think nothing important. I got several batches of chex mix baked for gifts, two glitter bottles finished for Ender, the wave bottle finished (thought not sealed) and two drawings done for Matt. Again, none of these things are especially epic on their own, but they are all the sorts of things I often mean to do, and don’t get around to, so I’m happy, and optimistic about my goals for the year.

If you missed my 2011 wrapup here are my goals for 2012:

1. Find time to do something creative at least a few times a week.
2. Submit a short story to magazines.
3. Re-write chapter 1 of novel.
4. Create dummy for picture book, and 2 finished pages. Submit picture book to publishers.
5. Create one simple (even if entirely useless) iPad app.

There are several other cascading goals, and better defined goals, that come from the ones above, but those are a good target for me at the moment, and I’m feeling pretty good about them at the moment. I’m starting out by giving myself small (very small) daily goals such as getting a sketch done, or spending an hour doing some editing. Re-focusing my efforts in this (these) direction(s) should help get me back into doing what I want to be doing, and what I need to be doing. I think daily blogging has been a good step stone for that, and helped me get some of my thoughts organized.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and enjoyed holidailies. Off we go.

Giveaway Winner

I did a shirt credit giveaway December 19. The winner is Sherck with the suggestion: “Stare at it until you can see the Magic Eye picture (I swear it’s there, and I can’t believe they would put that on a onesie).” Sherck, I’ll get in contact with the shirt blanks company when I get back from Oregon (in about a week) and figure out how to get you your $25 credit then. This is my first giveaway with an outside company, so forgive me if I fumble a bit.

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I have enjoyed all of your Hoidailies! They are a great way to keep up with what you folks are doing. My favorite was the 6 months of Ender. The side-by-side comparisons of him as he grew was impressive. Of course, I am not at all bias when it comes to that topic!

Neither am I. Of course. 🙂

Cool! Thanks!

Great job with Holidailies–I did pretty well too, though it kind of fell apart at the end between not having internet at home and getting back to work. For several years now, December has been my most entry-dense month: the days when I would blog almost 365 days a year are a distant, distant memory.

Love the goals, by the way–lots of creativity there. I would love to create one or two stupid little apps, because I love my iPod, but I wouldn’t have the first idea how to go about it, and doubt that my one computer programming class in college would get me very far, even if I did actually remember anything from the class…

Jamie Grumet


First off, I love Holidailies!

I want to help you create an IPAD App! That sounds like fun!

…and BTW….Thank you so much for having my back with that crazy mommy “psychologist”, I totally sad the comment of your (and the hilarious comment back to her bizarre response to you) – She shamelessly tried to plug her own blog on every article written about me. I can’t believe she is STILL talking about me on her own blog! I think there is a lot of ignorance and guilt in her writing. So sad because she is trying to create the persona of a critical thinking psychologist on her blog. She is going to confuse so many people.

Yes… She’s a bit of a spammer. I have to admit I found her blog following an annoying link on babble… So I guess I can’t fault her entirely- spamming works. :-/ I laughed out loud at your response to her spam comment on one of your posts a week or so ago. I’ve been following her blog for a while because some of the conversations can be interesting, but after this latest exchange, I think I’m done.

I’m happy to have your back. My parenting philosophy doesn’t match up with yours in many ways, but I can tell from your writing that you are a sincere and good person (and as far as parenting philosophies go, I’m by no means of the opinion that different = wrong). Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Jamie Grumet

LOL “a bit of a spammer” is an understatement! Yeah, and I guess more power to her if it is working. The only problem is all these people are getting directed to a blog of a person who isn’t doing much fact checking and seems a bit judgmental. (side note: do you think she is a real psychologist? )

Oh I actually love the fact that we have different parenting philosophies and find common ground in doing what is best for our children. That is how it should be! You are so cool, Meagan. I appreciate having you in my corner more than you know, and I definitely would have your back if there was ever a time when you needed defending (I’m rolling up my sleeves, just give me the word!)

Anyway, love your blog. I’m going to go explore a bit more of it right now!

Thank you!

As to whether she’s really a psychologist… who knows? That’s the Internet for you. I’ve done a fair amount of reading on child development, but I don’t have the background to judge someone else’s background, if that makes sense. I should know better, but I like to believe people have the sense to take anything they read online with a grain of salt.

If it helps, I think a lot of the “mommy wars” are fabricated. I’m not saying there aren’t idiots (everywhere) who stick their noses in at the grocery store, or a party, or even when they think your baby should be wearing socks while you carry him down the street (seriously?), but they’re in the minority. Most people just mind their own business. Only, you know, it’s hard to tell because they’re minding their own business.

Jamie Grumet

No problem!

I agree, I think a lot are fabricated, too. It is so true the normal ones (the majority) aren’t taking the time to comment or stick their noses where they don’t belong. They are too worried about living their own lives.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is your novel about?

Faeries and childhood. It takes place in Eugene, Oregon (my home town).

Here’s an excerpt, the first chapter, though it doesn’t really look much like this anymore… I haven’t got around to updating it.

Jamie Grumet

Oh I love faeries! I’ve never been to Oregon, but I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it. It seems like the perfect backdrop for a book about faeries, fantasy, and adventure.

Oregon is beautiful, and yes, it’s the perfect place for faeries though I was halfway through my book when I figured out the obvious. I love Cleveland (honest) but I wish I didn’t live so far from home.

Jamie Grumet

I’m going to send you an email!

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