Month: March 2014

Baby Girl

Baby Girl

This little girl was less cooperitive than Ender, who slept through the whole ultrasound. She did give a lovely profile at the very beginning which is one of the only ultrasound images I can actually easily recognize. CALL2That and the creepy skull shot:

CALL4Will my daughter haunt your nightmares?

CALL7I’m counting 6 toes personally, but the doctor and ultrasound tech didn’t say anything so I’m just gunna go ahead and assume I’m wrong there.

The heart was super cool, but they didn’t save any photos for us- I’m not sure it would have been quite as awesome in a still image anyway. It was like a pulsing clover plant. I also love the look of the spine in ultrasound, but that also is not something they include on the CD. But hey, they gave us a CD this time! The digital images are actually much easier to see than the thermal paper images, much less the thermal images scanned into a digital file.

So if you hadn’t heard the news yet, I’m pregnant. 😉 Due in early August. Matt and I are both super excited. Ender told me he’s excited to have a little sister and then told me he wanted to hit her, so, you know, we’ll see.

He watched the first minute or so of the ultrasound, then lost interest. Can’t really blame him since it’s kind of hard to see the baby most of the time. The baby did not sit still for the entire thing which was freaking awesome… she was kicking and squirming all over the place, sucked her fingers, wriggled around. She had her hands in fists and the ultrasound tech kept shaking my belly trying to get her to unclench. At one point the baby popped a single digit up and I told her, “I think she just gave you the finger.” She said, “Yes, but I need all five.”

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