Here is the first public art piece I’ve completed on my new iPad!image

I’m loving working on the iPad. I realize some artists will hate the lack of sensory feedback… it’s a very sterile way of drawing and it almost feels like cheating. But I love how much control I have over everything, and I’m enjoying the opportunity to simulate the appearance of a number of different media without having to go through the long process of each. Ok, I suppose it’s notĀ almostĀ like cheating, it flat out is cheating. But you know what? I’m 34, no one is grading me, and this is the deepest I’ve immersed myself in making art in several years. So I guess I’m ok with cheating.image

This drawing was inspired by a visit to the zoo back when Ender was a baby. I looked over at the reindeer on the Northern Trek, and 3 reindeer were lounging in a perfect line from where I stood. Their antlers merged into an indistinguishable tangle. I took a photo, but that was probably 4 phones ago, so it’s long lost, and I had to recreate it. I sort of lost the bloom of antlers from my original vision, but I’m very pleased with the final composition nevertheless.

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