8 Jan 2012, 10:14pm
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Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dyeing

20120108-220804.jpgI realize plenty of nursing mothers get by just fine without ever buying a single piece of “nursing” clothing. Others, I know, find the look of nursing shirts awkward and embarrassing.

My god though, it’s SO much easier. Ok, so these days, nursing is pretty easy. Ender and I both more or less have the routine down, and if I wanted to, wearing “normal” clothing would absolutely be doable. But in the early days weeks months of nursing, it was just one more thing to deal with, and I fell in love with the easy openings of nursing tops. I got in the habit. Plus, if I need to nurse Ender while I’m out and about, it’s way easier with a nursing top to not flash every passerby a glimpse of my crepe paper belly, never mind my boobs.

20120108-221036.jpgUnfortunately, (affordable) nursing tops are pretty slim pickings. I have exactly four long sleeved tops I’m comfortable wearing. And as of this morning, one of them looked terrible on me.

I like brown, and some browns like me, but this pilgrim turkey brown was not one of them (I meant to take a photo of myself wearing it, but didn’t remember until it was too late). So I thought I didn’t have anything to lose by trying my first experiment with RIT dye. Well, first since a tie-dye activity in the 2nd grade.

I didn’t bother trying to get the original color out, mainly because I didn’t realize it was possible until recently. Plus adding one more step to a project just makes it a little less likely that I’ll get it finished. I thought a bright red would combine nicely with the original brown, and even if it stayed more brown than red, it would be warmer color, and hopefully look nicer with my skin.

20120108-221245.jpgStirring, for over an HOUR was a pain, and it looked like evil Jello. It turned out beautifully though. The color was even nicer than I’d hoped for, I can’t think of the name of the red, but it’s a color that makes me feel nostalgic, it’s the color I imagine Little Red’s riding hood should be.

To be totally honest, my craft whims don’t usually turn out this well, so I’m pretty psyched to not just have one more shirt I can wear without feeling ugly, but to have completed a project in less than a day. I have plans to buy and dye two more shirts, and next time, I think I may play with masking using some wax resist. I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

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  • 4 Jan 2012, 10:54pm
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    Craft Night

    Tonight was my first craft night.

    While I was pregnant I came up with the idea of doing a girl’s craft night. I thought it would be a nice way to get me some grown up company and keep me sane.

    Then of course Ender came and planning ANYTHING seemed pretty unlikely. As he’s gotten older though, he’s getting a bit easier, and more importantly, more predictable, so I started to think about it again a few months ago. I thought January, the new year, seemed like a good time to start up fresh.

    I told everyone to come on the first Wednesday of every month. We planned on Matt being home and pretty much taking over baby-duty for the evening.

    We did NOT really think about the fact that the first Wednesday in January was right in the middle of way too much travel. Planning an event, even a low key one, is sort of intimidating when you can’t think past planning out when you get to wash laundry between packing and unpacking the suitcase.

    Craft night MEAGAN style is beyond low key though. I told everyone from the start, we will not be doing Martha Stewart type projects. Or at least, anyone is welcome to do Martha Stewart projects, but I will not be organizing them. I invited everyone to bring whatever they were working on, or if they weren’t working on anything, to have some tea or coffee.

    I expected 5, but 2 canceled at the last minute and for 1, I think, I had the wrong email. Kim brought a whole craft store worth of craft supplies, and started a shell-chain necklace. Pam, a knitter, didn’t bring her knitting, but started a cute leather-bead bracelet that reminded me of a beading class I took half a lifetime ago.

    I just worked on getting the last of the gunk off the glitter bottles, so now Ender can finally play with them.

    It was a quiet evening of relaxed socializing, which is exactly what I wanted and needed, and I think the others had fun as well. And since Kim brought all the crafty stuff, there was zero clean-up beyond banishing the pizza box to the fridge- which is about all I’m up for in my current sleep deprived state. I’m looking forward to doing it next month, and maybe then I’ll even get to make something.

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  • 28 Dec 2011, 10:13pm
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    Making Waves

    The sail boats turned out really cute. They floated, they were bright, and while I still wished the bases were a bit more opaque, I thought they’d do quite nicely in the wave bottle.

    Unfortunately, water sealed they wouldn’t stay upright. I tried a variety of things to keep them balanced, weighting the bottoms with pins and beads, cutting down the sails, but eventually I had to just give up on the sail boats. Shame. I think they’d still be a fun (and easy) craft to do with kids though, as long as you didn’t mind them not lasting.

    Ender really enjoyed watching me put the bottle together. Since he’s a little too young to understand presents, I didn’t feel like I was wrecking the surprise.

    He REALLY liked the bubbles caused by the oil. I think once we get around to sealing the lid (haven’t had a chance yet) the finished wave bottle will be a hit.

    When the boats were in play, I’d planned to fill the whole bottle with water and oil, so it would look as much like ocean and sky as possible. Once I gave up on the boats I realized there was no reason not to leave a top layer of air, allowing another section of floats.

    I have no idea why the sequins didn’t sink to the bottom of the water layer. Not a one. In the glitter bottle, they fell down along with the glitter, but having a layer of oil on top seemed to make everything sit a bit lighter in the water (the balls floated significantly higher). I have no idea why this is. I assume there is some physics-y explanation, but maybe it’s just a fluke.

    The bottle didn’t turn out at all like I’d envisioned it, but I’m still pretty happy with the final product. Whenever I (or Matt) get around to sealing it, I’ll be sure to post photos of Ender so you can see what he thinks.

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