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Hard at workEnder went in to SecureState to visit his Dad today, and I guess they were a little short handed, so they put him to work.

TroubleIt’s not all that surprising really, the last few weeks or so, Ender’s been shoulder surfing while I nurse him. Or maybe you would call that boob surfing. I left the room for a minute yesterday, and now I know why they say you should never leave an infant unattended: when I came back my desktop was crowded with photos of Bindi Irwin, and I had autoconfirm emails from Amazon regarding 172 new purchases of Muppets, Loony Tunes and Phineas and Ferb. Imagine how much trouble I’ll be in when he learns to type, or even talk. (For those who are confused– Matt works at a computer security company which includes a team of hackers that are hired to attack companies in order to test their security.)

Contest Rules:

Do not sully this sweet sweet baby1. Show me what Ender was working on today. Larger photo blank here.

2. Mildly inappropriate is OK, but please remember that this is MY BABY and resist the urge to insert him into a raunchy porn scene. Images that make me want to puke will be deleted from comments.

3. Leave a link to your entry in the comments. One entry per commenter. Additional photoshops are welcome in comments, but I’ll only judge the first entry, or the entry you note as your chosen entry (you may want to use all caps so I don’t miss it).

4. Contest ends at 8pm Eastern Standard Time, Sunday August 14th. I’ll choose my favorite from the comments as the winner.

5. Winner receives a T-Shirt from my CafePress store with artwork of your choice.

Go forth and Photoshop!

Oh, right. I keep meaning to post about my CafePress shop… please go check it out. I have a bunch of my artwork print-ready as shirts and other gear in the shop now. If you have an image from my gallery that you’d like on a product, or a image from the store on a product that’s not offered, contact me and request it, and I’ll add it temporarily to the store.

At some point I intend to also offer prints of my artwork for posters and wall hangings.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what people come up with for Ender’s day at SecureState. Have fun!


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  • 10 Feb 2009, 6:15pm
    bulidings life photography

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    Around Cleveland

    Turns out I’m a bit out of it today for whatever reason, so I’ll write about Shmoocon tomorrow.  Fortunately, I ran across this photo post which I somehow never published.  I think I just forgot.  Didn’t have to go in for jury duty today, which is lucky.
    This photo of entering downtown is one of my favorite views. It doesn’t show the whole skyline, but it’s just a cool entry photo.
    This photo is taken by the flats. There’s some digital editing going on there. I actually really like the sort of industrial feel of the flats and the warehouse district.
    Another photo from the flats. There are a lot of archways and old, pretty buildings mixed in with the factory buildings and abandoned bridges etc.
    I don’t remember where exactly this photo is taken from, but I think it’s also near the flats. Also a bit of digital editing here.
    A bridge in the flats. So I guess having band-aids holding a bridge together isn’t exactly comforting, but it is pretty.
    Another view of the cityscape from the flats.
    An abandoned drawbridge in the flats. I love how the ivy is growing up and taking it over.
    Another bridge in the flats, by night (duh).
    Sky view, down near independence.
    A shed dragonfly exoskeleton in the metroparks near independence.
    Bridge in the metroparks, viewed from another bridge.
    View looking the other way on the bridge.
    The bridge where I was standing for the pretty views.
    Cool water gate system at the metroparks.
    Pretty plants in the metroparks. There are larger versions available for some of them if you click on the image.

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  • I WARNED You

    Still bogged down. Since there have been no votes either way, I’ve decided that what everyone REALLY wants is to see pictures of my cats. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Ok, actually mostly these aren’t pictures just of our cats. A couple years ago we had just one cat, Chyna (the orange one) and lived in a neighborhood with hoards of stray cats. One of them, a grey-brown tabby took over the territory behind the apartment and sort of adopted us. We decided to adopt her perminantly at about the same time we realized she was pregnant.
    Tricky was such a tiny cat, under a year herself, and malnourished. All the kittens ended up much bigger, and you can see from her big feet that she probably should have been bigger than she is.
    I guess it’s obvious that kittens are tiny, but it’s pretty amazing to see first hand. They pretty much looked like lumps when they came out to the point that it was hard to tell at first how many there were. It was actually a couple days before we were able to verify that there were 6, instead of the 5 the vet had guessed.
    Two black kittens, two tabbys like Tricky, a grey and white, and a spotted tabby with white markings.
    Kittens defy gravity.
    Chyna was a little nervous about all the weird smells coming from the kitten room. (Actually, I think she just likes to hide.)
    As the kittens got bigger I started to modify their box, giving them things to play with and on and scratch. It wasn’t long before they were all able to climb out of the box.
    They may look cute, but trust me, they’re little monsters. Cute monsters.
    They did seem to enjoy some of the constructions I made for them. It gave me good ideas for when we have room to make perminant kitty structures.
    They pretty much destroyed everything they touched. Including the skin on my back.
    Even though they got out of the box within a couple weeks, it wasn’t a total loss since they apprently liked hiding behind it.
    The more enthusiastic the kittens got, the more nervous Chyna got.
    You can’t really blame her. They’re fearless little furballs.
    All the kittens had distinct personalities. The spotted tabby, the only girl of the bunch, was very social and liked sitting on my shoulder. I miss her. Fortunately we were able to place all the kittens. The two black cats went with a friend from school, I think they’re named Fred (or Frank?) and George. One of the tabbys, which had extra toes, was adopted by my friend Amy and named Zoe (it’s a boy though), the other Tabby went to our friend Justin — named Loki (it fits) the grey and white kitten went to our friends John and Holly and is named Baxter, and the spotted tabby, Lucy, went to a waitress/owner of our favorite Lebonese place. Sadly, she’s the one I never see. :(
    Tricky was pretty exhausted. I think she was a bit worried as the kittens disappeared one by one (Baxter being the last one left, got cleaned six times as much as usual), but once they were all gone she didn’t seem bothered. She’s plump and healthy now, and extremely happy to be an indoor kitty. A couple of the photos have larger versions if you click on them.

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