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[09/28/09] Phew! Been a while since I posted an update. Or did anything really on the website. New blog design, more or less complete. There are still some little glitches, but I'm about ready to start working on the rest of the site now. Navigation buttons are pretty much just placeholders, I don't like the look of them, but if you squint, they're close enough to what I have in mind, which should be simpler. New edits, probably final edits, on short story Silk Laces. Now I just need to find someplace to send it. Did a few edits on Oh the Rats Get Into Everywhere, but still needs a little tweaking. Took a look at The Giving Tree, but I'm not even sure it's salvagable... it's too segmented. We'll see. As for my satirical story, Cubicles & Upper Management, I never COULD get that to work the way I wanted, and I finally decided to turn it into a webcomic. Working on pencils now, hoping to launch before the end of the year.

[01/13/07] I now have a flickr page for my favorite photos. I don't really consider myself a photographer but I enjoy taking (and editing) photos. Check it out here. It's also linked in my bio section.

[12/07/06] Finally doing some updates on the website. My web skills are not exactly "l33t" but I'm getting better I think, and combined with my editing experience, it might be a good idea for me to extend this skillset. It can't hurt at any rate. Next year I'm hoping to widen my portfolio a bit and actually get samples sent out to the more likely companies.

[11/27/06] "Silk Laces," a story I wrote as an undergrad, is about as finished as it's going to be unless I get meaningful feedback from editors. I sent it out to The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and was rejected in less than a month. At least they're prompt. I sent it off to Fantasy Magazine today.

[11/10/06] My story, "Oh the Rats Get into Everywhere" was rejected by Writers of the Future. It wasn't a huge surprise, it's a pretty weird story. I think I'll have more luck with sci-fi mags although it's not strictly sci-fi. I have some hope that it will make it into the commercial market, we'll see though. There are only a dozen or so consumer magazines that take sci-fi stories, if none of them want it I'll start hitting up the small press mags, or maybe ezines.

[10/23/06] After several failed attempts I've decided to give Illustrators of the Future one more try. I made "honorable mention" or semi-final round or something each time, but still managed to fall short. This time I entered with three pieces from my thesis, not my strongest pieces, but we'll see.

[10/19/06] I made Google! True, I still have an importance rating of "0" but now, if you're looking for an illustrator, but for some reason you have an odd moment and when you go to type "illustrator" you accidentally type "Meagan Call" instead, you'll find my website, currently third from the top. It was second, but aparently somebody's been looking at my fencing records so now my old Notre Dame fencing bio is number one.